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This is a collection of charts (graphical) and tables (informational) for use in any kind of designing, making, building, fabricating and manufacturing. They have been designed, adapted and refined to reflect the needs of specific applications. If, in the flow of a project, a designer or fabricator can easily access the information they need, without breaking concentration to calculate or convert, they can be free to focus exclusively on the work and the process - allowing for a more seamless transition between thought and action.



The imperial to metric table I’ve always wanted.

Fractional conversions to decimal inches at 1/64” increments, AND whole MM conversions to decimal inches. In order, on one page, up to 1-1/2”.

The decimal column is intentionally left at the highest (reasonable) precision. This allows the user to choose the level of precision required for their application, and round (or not) accordingly.

Print a few copies and tape them to your wall, toolbox, desk, workbench, dashboard, laptop, and the back of your eyelids.